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[3’08” Jingle playing] Right, so what have I been up to recently? Now when you see your friends, for example, if you haven’t seen your friends for a week or two, in English, it’s very very common to say something like: ‘What have you been up to? So, for example, if you go on a date with someone, and there is no chemistry, then the date will be really boring. ’ Well, I’d say: I’ve been teaching a legal English class recently. At school at the moment, I’m teaching a law course – Legal English, which is very interesting. And probably comedy is one of the things that you will appreciate or enjoy later when you become a more advanced speaker of English. The main thing here that I’d like to do is to help you understand what happened in that sketch. Another expression is ‘to fancy someone’, ‘to fancy someone’, and ‘fancy’ is a verb. And that’s a phrasal verb – ‘To chat up, to chat someone up’.

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Well, I’ve been listening to a lot of funk music like that. You will just have to use your imagination to try and guess how those dates went and what the girl was like and all those things. So, if you are single, you might decide that you’re going to sign up to an online dating agency.

I’ve been looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. I’ve been looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. If you don’t know what jazz funk or funk sound like, well, it sounds a bit like this. What happens in speed date is you go to a bar and first of all you have to sign up, so you apply to do it over the telephone.

But all the critiques say that the new Star Trek film is very very good. And that sort of music that was being made in the 70s and it’s good music to dance to. So there’s [re] some really great solos in jazz funk or funk music. So it’s really a real pleasure for me to listen to that kind of music. And, so, you should start using present perfect continuous like that. And so lots of people have meet[met] their boyfriend or girlfriend on a romantic holiday or something. Now, speed dating is a kind of very quick way to meet lots of people in one night.

Um, you can, of course, find this podcast on i Tunes. So, she means I usually hate it when my friends put me on a blind date with someone. So, to go out with someone means to go on a date with them. So, all the guys I’ve gone on a date with recently have been unbelievably stupid. Okay, she said, ‘But I think you’re different though.’ But I think you’re different though. Okay, there she says, ‘well, touch wood.’ Now, to touch wood in England is a superstition. So, if you hope that something will happen or you hoped something is true, you touch wood like that. So, she’s saying ‘you’re not stupid like the other guys’. [23’56” Jangle playing] Okay, in English, there are numbers of expressions that we always use when we are talking about romantic relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends, and going on a date. And you really have to learn these expressions because people always use them when they are talking about this subject, okay? And there are typically things that man say when they chat women up. ’ or ‘hi, do you come here often’ or something like that.

So, I’m happy about that, very glad that it’s becoming so popular. [‘Up to’ means ‘doing’ actually.] B: Well, nothing. So let’s just quickly listen to some of the sketch again. So she says, ‘I’m so glad that Lisa set us up together,’ and he says, ‘me too.’ So, I’m so glad that Lisa, that’s her friend, set us up, that means arranged for us to meet. ‘I’m so glad that Lisa set us up together.’ ‘I’m so glad that Lisa arranged for us up to meet.’ And he said me too. So, your friends arrange for you to meet someone so that you’d become a pair, you’d become a partner. Now, a complete stranger is someone that you’ve never met before. The thing is all the guys I’ve been out with recently have been unbelievably stupid. Now, ‘the thing is’, that’s like saying, ‘the problem is,’ all the guys I’ve been out with recently. [23’24” Comedy sketch playing] Okay, so there it is. Now, in the next section – the language section, I’m going to teach you really useful expressions to talk about dating and relationships. ‘Oh, you’re so funny.’ And she might, for example, back her eye lids at him, or just act in a way that shows she really fancies him, she really likes him, okay? Guys when they flirt, they try to make girls laugh, they might try to show how strong they are, show off their muscles or something, so that’s flirting. And, so, for example, if a man sees a girl in a bar and he fancies her, he might walk over to her and start to chat her up.

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