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[av_sidebar widget_area=’Add’ av_uid=’av-7xcxe6′] The local Taiwanese guys who tried to get a date with my friends were less casual than the guys.

The local guys will bombard you with (heart) emojis and cheesy texts until you go on a date with them..

The most prominent and usual story is: meeting in a bar or pre-game or house party where alcohol is involved because that’s mostly when Danes are talk-active enough to call it flirting.

And after that it takes its way, mostly Danes hook up first and then again and again until at one point you go on proper dates, meet each other’s friends and do the usual dating things.

And to be honest, I heard it too many times from other friends, girls and guys, to ignore the fact that it needs to be included in a travel, lifestyle, and Copenhagen expat blog 😉 But then again, I have been moving and living in different places in the past 5 years and in none of these, people seem to do the classic dating thing anymore.

[av_sidebar widget_area=’Add’ av_uid=’av-cop9ku’] Anyway, from most stories I heard of friends’ and acquaintances’ dating adventures, things start the other way here in the North.

[av_sidebar widget_area=’Add’ av_uid=’av-6glx72′] Anyway, dating is universally not the easiest thing nowadays.

There are, what feels like, a thousand steps between “We are just hanging out/ We just talking” to “We are dating” and “We are together”.

I would say that from what I have seen though, locals in Taiwan and China dated in a more movie-like way, with all the drama and the overload of cuteness.

Also learned that it’s very sad when your friend actually is lucky to meet a decent guy who is on the same level as her but unfortunately is leaving the country soon.

Dating isn’t easy, but you have your friends to help you cope with it or make fun of embarrassing situations 🙂 Hm.. Some might tell you they are just casual, some might want to see where it’s going and some decide after you have been seeing each other, that they want to date you and start opening up and do sweet, boyfriend-/girlfriend-material kind of things.

Anyway, I still think that compared to Denmark, (local) Taiwanese were much much reserved and traditional in regards to Dating.

The not-local Taiwanese weren’t that shy from what I saw but based on my friends’ experiences, everything is very upfront and clear, so no one gets disappointed or develops feelings and hopes.

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