33 things you should know before dating me

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Do you know why they love the music, books, and art that they hold dear?You want to figure out the answers to these questions, whether it's to dodge a bullet or to embark on an amazing journey.Relationships cannot be healthy without mutual support.You both should know what the other hopes to achieve, not only to be sources of encouragement for each other, but also to make sure their dreams are compatible with yours.

It is a pretty universal opinion that partners with differing dreams of children will eventually have to end the relationship, as staying together will only lead to resentment either because you are raising children that you didn't want, or you are missing the children you never got to have. First of all, you can help each other overcome phobias and achieve personal growth.Even if you and your partner both want to have children, there is still a lot to discuss. Secondly, there are certain fears that neither you nor your partner should be forced to overcome too soon.If either of you have survived trauma, you may experience PTSD or be triggered by certain stimuli.Of course, you and your partner do not need to have the exact same tastes in books and music to thrive in a healthy partnership.But knowing each other's favorite media, art, literature, music, TV shows, films, and pop culture interests provides great insight into their partner's ~inner being~, memories, dreams, and sense of humor.

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