Adult chat married but flirting

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I told him that as long as he draws the line with these women it’s ok with me.He is a guy in the end, so I guess guys need that outlet; but I feel like it is somehow going to affect my relationship.Here’s a letter from “Confused,” whose boyfriend is “perfect” except for one thing – he collects women on myspace.

I agreed to move in with him, because we had a long commute to see each other and I had just sold my home. Now that I am living with him, l learned he likes to flirt with girls online, he was using myspace originally and when I told him it really bothered me that he had that account he took it off. His reaction was surprising: he cried and told me he did not want to lose me that I meant the world to him.I don’t know, maybe I am just justifying his actions.When I confronted him about how much this bothered me I made it clear that if he wants to meet/date other women to please let me know.The Internet has created so many wonderful things for us, and it’s also created some nightmares for us women. Men who have “problems committing to one women” have always been able to flirt with other women when we’re not around, look at pictures of naked women and pornography in magazines, and contact women all over the world through personal ads and even phone lines.Our men can not only look at porn with the click of a mouse, they can also “social network” with women all over the world on all kinds of sites – even legit ones like myspace. The Internet may be relatively new, but the core problem and men’s creativity in doing what they feel compelled to do hasn’t changed.

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