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But the irony was I was having a blast and there was no lack of men in my life unlike what the label might seem.I was dating, seeing people, hooking up with others, but yet I wasn’t in a relationship of the stereotypical sense. Whilst some wish to reclaim the word “single” as a positive, I wanted a new label that was more of a representation of what actual women were doing in the dating world.The big age gap between partners (more than a decade) can make sharing cultural values seem a little difficult, and can also cause social awkwardness when the couple is out in the public.Also, chances are that the older male partner will project his need for power and control onto his partner, and just see his spouse as a prize, rather than a loving partner. If you feel disconnected or frustrated about the state of your marriage but want to avoid separation and/or divorce, the course meant for married couples is an excellent resource to help you overcome the most challenging aspects of being married.Also, males tend to partner up with women who are much younger than they are because of the high prospects of fecundity, and they can also remain fertile for a longer period of time than women do.This, coupled with the fact that older men have amassed resources over the years and Women tend to look into partners who have the necessary means to offer them security over a long period of time.But the should do curse is often one based on backward outdated beliefs that society for some reason has kept around including shame put on women for acting outside of what is seen as the sexual norm.

They do not have the time nor the wish to seek other emotional ties with other women, because they know what they want from the beginning.

It was a way to say, “we are not committed to one person, but having a lot of fun dating and seeing maybe multiple people,” something society seemed to struggle with.

When do you hear people give permission to women to see multiple people, date without things leading to a relationship and hook-up with more than one man in a week?

The reason as to why sometimes a considerable age difference between partners happens has its roots in evolutionary biology.

Reproductive fitness represented a key part in our evolution, and this might explain the phenomenon of the major age gap found between partners.

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