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I have 4,000 pages of printed volume that chronicle our two years together. I told him everything that was going on in my life: how I felt, how I felt about being married all those years, the ups and the downs and the disappointments and the love.

For me, it was a great way to get out all the grief I had from Lou dying without actually having to worry about a physical relationship.

Online romance scammers work individually and in teams, often creating fake profiles using real people’s photographs in order to form close (if internet-based) relationships with unsuspecting victims, whom they eventually ask for money — because they’re overseas in the military, because they’re sick, because they’re trying to buy plane tickets home, etc. Would like to meet someone to spend time with and get to know them before ..In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 21,000 reports about online romance scams, totaling 3 million in losses.I’d never heard of anybody being taken by an online romance, I’d only heard the good stuff.So I kind of went into it trusting that what was going to happen would be good.

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