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In the PSVita port, you’ll even get to romance Logy, and there’s a DLC costume and dress-up options that would definitely add to your enjoyment.The characters are lovable, with designs that clearly appeal to female audience.U., the virus AIDA, and the secrets of The World: R2 itself.And when the player finishes the game, you’d be given choices to marry off Haseo with the female characters—and one peculiar male character that would set the fujoshi giggling—in game.Developed by Atlus and released on July 2008, Persona 4 has since gotten an enhanced port to PSVita under the title Persona 4 Golden, two anime adaptations, several manga adaptations, two fighting games-based sequels, and even a rhythm game.Narukami Yu, the main character of Persona 4 The Animation, is a silent protagonist in the game whose personality really depends on whichever answer we pick as a player.Regardless of consoles, games oftentimes go hand-in-hand with anime adaptations—or the opposite, games are sometimes adaptations from a very popular anime series.

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We’d be given choices to choose among the Red, Silver or Blue Club to join, and after choosing several answer in the beginning, we’d determine which partner to build a relationship with.The Atelier series are designed for female audience—you take the role of the female protagonist for once instead of the male protagonist, and you are not the damsel in distress.Instead, the heroine is the smart alchemist that solves people’s problems with her alchemy, and still looks absolutely cute doing so.Considering the main character is a silent protagonist, it is up to us to decide what his personality would be like.The dating aspect is, sadly, only available towards the girl characters, and while the silent protagonist’s relationship with each girl is extremely interesting and fun, it leaves the BL-oriented audience unsatisfied.

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