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Their nails are very soft while in utero, once delivered they begin to harden.

Typical clipping is not recommended as the very tip of the finger, under the nail, is clear and very easily goes unseen and gets clipped or bitten off by the parents.

Pre-registering will also ensure that you encounter less paperwork when you come into Baptist Health.

It is common for women in labor to bring a device that plays a saved selection of music just for their labor and delivery experience, as well as a room diffuser with special oils or aromas that bring soothing and relaxing thoughts and feelings while they progress through their labor.

Labor typically brings nausea and decreased digestion and most physicians request that you limit your intake to only ice, gum and a hard candy once active labor has been declared.

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Most hospitals and staff welcome flameless candles, plug ins, special blankets, pillows, diffusers, lightening, birthing balls, massage materials and music. For so many reasons: Easy access to the time, (it can be easy to lose track of), to contact relatives and loved ones, document the day, etc.

As your delivery date starts to approach, you will probably have many questions. Baptist Health recommends preparing a hospital bag during your 8th month of pregnancy, as it is possible that you could go into labor any time after the 8th month.

Will I be hungry while waiting in the delivery room? Whether the big day comes as planned, or unexpectedly, you will want to make sure you’re fully prepared and have everything you need for a hasty exit out of the house and into the car.

The records in this collection may include: More images are available in the Family Search Catalog at Virginia, Petersburg, Gillfield Baptist Church records, 1836-1954. In this case, click on a reference to find a camera icon to see images.

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