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I brought that to, their attention and asked to end my free 2 week period and didn't want to carry on my membership - see above for my request, it was acknowledged then completely ignored!!! Have written an email, scanned it and faxed, I asked them to send me confirmation, have got it saying no more payment will be made and membership is this space, never using a dating site EVER again,!!! Woke up this morning and got an email from Pay Pal regarding this transaction! I reported to Pay Pal immediately and opened dispute! And they told me they would look into this matter seriously. How come they re-activated my account without my knowledge?!? Wondering if anybody in Australia actually had debt collectors knocking on their doors? Called ACCC they not really any help and just advice to get legal advice. I didn’t read these reviews and subscribed from the Facebook link.Wish I had seen all these reviews before joining this stupid dating website!! Thought I only paid for it but they charged me 9 for it! I then realised the transaction was from this stupid website! The profiles listed have duplicate photos when I enquired, was advised that these are temporary photos waiting to be updated. The automatic renewal will be charged to your credit card, the only reason mine didn’t is I cancelled my credit card.Other reviews are devious;hiding behind their T n Cs or are supposed to notify you before subscription;you can say what like but its all proceedure with people read Tn Cs yeah austin B2 is sending me their collection agency. I did email b2 my request of cancellation of which was only answered with an automated email "we will get back to you within 48 hour". This place is ridiculous, I would have preferred to flush the money down the toilet it would have given me more satisfaction! I tried to cancel my membership but the be2 website did not let me. I call them and I told them that I got scam by be2. When I queried it with them they told me that is what the weekly amount was. I told them I had sent emails weeks in advance trying to cancel. Note to self read reviews before joining anything I want to actually give -0 stars. Then say happy to delete your profile but you have to fax this and that or post it, but make sure it’s done 14 days before renew date or we will take a further out of your account!!! I press button to join 1 month but they took my money for 6 months. 6 months later they took my money again and more than last time. They wrote back and said they made a mistake and there would be no further payments required. I signed up and thought I was paying .98 for one month and they charged me 4 times the amount. I realised by reading them that it was very difficult to cancel your subscription so they first thing I did was cancel my credit card so they couldn’t charge me. They finally told me I could send a signed scanned letter which I did but they have since told me they didn’t receive it 14 days prior to the end of my subscription.

I now am being chased by a collection agency in Amsterdam theartening a court summons.

Sign up was confusing price misleading (i was told I'd get 2 weeks free trial, if I liked it then. Said 1/3 months from the Australian au site, so I assumed it was Australian dollars, not actually what dollars they charge.3. Coz I didn’t check my bank account at that point of time so, they got away with it!!!! I eventually had to cancel my credit card and resort to the bank to get (some of) my money back. Sent 3 Letters within the 14 day notes period according to their terms and conditions, did not hear at all from them.

I've paid almost 00 in 7 months, did not realise the subscription would just renew again after 3 months, no emails asking if I'd like to renew they just took the money from my acct4. same photo with 4 different user names, profile etc. Send e-mail to Ozi customer service e-mail only automated reply only. Keep receiving nasty e-mail pay up or we will pass on to debt collectors. After all I sent them 3 letters to Luxemburg asking to CXL!

I deleted my account but it doesnt cancel Subscriptions.austin, I got completely ripped off by this company they kept renewing my subscription.

I tried every way possible to cancel my membership.

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