Benefits of updating to snow leopard

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I'd consider bumping it up to the max of 8 if you could find it cheap somewhere.My 2010 13" Mac Book Pro ran El Capitan just fine (before I turned it into a Free BSD machine).2.) That file system would be fine.I'm signed out from the app store on my other macs and my i Phone.Argh, there are even more updates available for Snow Leopard in Software Update but when I download and install them it hangs again at the same desktop screen.However, after I update to Snow Leopard I'm back at the hanging screen when it tries to restart.

That way if you're unhappy with El Capitan, you can revert to a fresh Snow Leopard install & restore from that backup.

My Original Leopard's XCode installation works fine (for i Phone 3.0 Development) with Snow Leopard without making any changes. It might work, though there are several known bugs, per Chris Espinosa from Apple's tools team.

What are the benefits I'll get if I install XCode 3.2 that comes with the SL DVD? Apple only supports Xcode tools 3.2 on Snow Leopard.

Sorry for gravedigging here, but I can't understand how you get used to the new back/forward navigation. Now I never know where the cursor will go to when I press those.

I want to quickly change between two/three sourcefiles, but now I have to use my mouse instead because of Apple's "interesting locations" in the source.

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