Best dating season

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There’s nothing more romantic than walking with your date through a fresh lawn of crunchy leaves, grabbing coffee or brunch in a warm and cozy café when it’s chilly outside, and it’s the prefect excuse to invite your date over for an early night in with a blanket and your favourite shows.

Below are five reasons that prove it: Summer is behind us, so you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty, and winter is still a way away, so it’s not too freezing to venture outside.

While walking in the woods Anne and Sprig run into Ivy Sundew, Sprig's childhood friend.

Seeing that Sprig likes her, Anne, Hop Pop, and Ivy's mother, Felicia, attempt to set them up at the Firefly Formal.

Hop Pop and Felicia both voice how proud they are of each other's children while Anne vocally supports the pairing.

During the dance, Sprig and Ivy awkwardly try to be polite with each other before admitting that they see each other as just friends.

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