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We are both Christians in our mid-20s, and he has read many other books over the years and prayed so much.He was open with me about his struggle before we started dating, and explained that he was getting help, but purity would probably always be a struggle in his life.One evening while having coffee with Brad, he confessed to her that he currently struggles with pornography and is trying really hard to stop.Jessica wasn’t sure how to process this shocking information and went home with a conflicted heart.These books have been selected because they are excellent in their respective topics.In other words, their inclusion here represents DSC's endorsement for use in personal or group study. The fact that a book is included on this list does not mean that DSC agrees with absolutely everything in the book.

Just because is it wise to end the relationship right now doesn’t mean it has to end forever.I think it is wise to end the relationship until he is able to find victory and freedom from his porn habits. Why would you want to move down a road towards marriage with a man who is already struggling to be faithful to you?Why would you want to enter into a union to become “one” with a man who is committing virtual adultery on a regular basis?Maybe you ending the relationship will be a wake up call to him and will encourage him to seek help.Watch him once things are over to see if he has a sincere heart of repentance and a desire to honor God.

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