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“Germans seem to value their time a little bit more and have to really like you before they will agree to meet.Germans won't say ‘it's nice to meet you’ unless they truly believe it's been nice.” The same culture applies to break-ups, said British expat Laura, whose German boyfriend of three years one day told her that he thought their relationship should end.Whether on the market or coupled up, it’s not so easy to meet and date in Germany. It’s a match: meeting someone Berlin boasts a reputation as the city of singles, with half of its residents living alone.The Local talked to a matchmaker and singles across the country to find out the difficulties - as well as the advantages - of dating here. Those looking for love don’t easily have luck in the transient place with party vibes.“In Berlin, most single expats are coming and going and not putting down roots.Where I’m from [in southern Germany] anyone you meet who is not a student is usually there for the long haul.” Moving forward The double-edged sword of dating a German, observed Robbins, is that they will exhibit honesty from the very beginning to the very end.“At least I can say that my ex was honest with me,” says Laura.Robbins adds that when it comes to dating, she can always rely on Germans to be honest.

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“Dating here is definitely difficult,” he said with a tone of resignation.There she found it easier to strike up a conversation with other expats and Germans, both platonically and as potential flames.Yet there was still shaky ground when she found herself on a date with someone from the group.“I have advised people to go there if looking for something serious, but with patience I think you can meet someone anywhere.” Even in cities such as Berlin, she advised Germans and expats alike to get involved with meet-ups, whether cooking or dancing, to meet people with similar interests.The group Inter Nations is another resource for both expats and internationally minded Germans, and where a handful of people she knows have met their mates.

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