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The official agents did their job: Reyna was elected president and, so as not to offend the losing candidates, Barillas gave them checks to cover the costs of their presidential campaigns.

Reyna Barrios of course received nothing, but he went on to become President on March 15, 1892.

Salamá was settled as a doctrine by the Order of Preachers in the 1550s, as part of the Tezulutlán Capitulations that friar Bartolome de las Casas lobbied from the Crown.

The friars had thousands of acres with hills, forest, a section of the plain and abundant water supply.

Morazán was forced to appoint him as commander in Mita.

In 1892, president general Manuel Barillas called an election.

Morazán helped Los Altos and appointed Mariano Rivera Paz, who was close to the Aycinena family; however he did not return to the former aristocrats any of their confiscated possessions.

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His nanny, Lola Reyes, was a native girl who told him stories, myths and legends from her culture which eventually would impact heavily in his work.

It is the capital of the department of Baja Verapaz and it is situated at 940 m above sea level.

The municipality of Salamá, for which the city of Salamá serves as the administrative centre, covers a total surface area of 776 km² and contains 40,000 people.

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