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Another perk: Since Gino's begun slinging weed, he's become pals with most of the L. porn industry—even dating a porn star, 28-year-old Sabrina Maree. AJ, the brains of the operation, calls Gino a brand ambassador, which mostly means that Gino spends his days delivering "medicine" to his famous and quasi-famous "patients," often partaking with them after hours.See, Gino is a big believer in the healing powers of pot.A scruffy dispatcher takes an order over the phone and watches his drivers, car-shaped dots on a computer screen.A waiting delivery guy does halfhearted pullups from a bar hung in a doorway; another employee packs weed into white paper bags. No, he's just bitching about getting stiffed on a tip like some righteous Domino's driver. Second guy has a 0 order, and he tells me, ‘Hey man, enjoy your Friday, have a nice day, man.' Fuck!Then the door bursts open and Chris Cope, one of Speed Weed's drivers, storms in raging. "I just did two deliveries and got a cock in my ass! ’Cope is a pudgy 31-year-old from Gainesville, Florida, who moved to L. to make it as a stand-up comic, and he's delivering weed to pay the bills.Spending an hour in Friday-afternoon traffic, then coming back with five fucking bucks—on top of the hourly wage and delivery fee that Speed Weed gives him—does not pay many bills. And maybe something on Twitter once in a while."Cope's frustration points to another truth of the legal-weed business: Nobody is getting Zuckerberg rich at it yet.Before this he lived in New York, grew a little weed in his apartment, did customer support for a software company that AJ had founded.Gino spent a lot of time schlepping back and forth between New York and Washington, D.

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Avowed tokers love studies like this, maybe because it makes them feel less guilty about smoking copious amounts of pot.Legally speaking, companies like Speed Weed can only market themselves as purveyors of medicine, and Gino is a cheerful shaman in public. Some twenty-three states have legalized medical marijuana.Four—Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Alaska—along with Washington, D. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. Good news: A slew of West Coast start-ups are determined to help you order pot just as easily as you would a cab or a Tinder hookup. "YOU THINK OF the top five comedians, we've got three of them as customers," Gino Gentile says.

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