Christian agnostic dating

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I think it will get you into a relationship and ultimately it will still cause problems.

I've seen relationships work under these circumstances, but it's exceedingly rare.

While not related to religion, I recently ended a 14 year marriage in part over things that bothered me in the beginning but I chose to ignore them.

There were other factors, but when I look back I wish I had just listened to my gut instinct because now I've dragged 3 other people into a divorce (wife and two children).

Personally, I would run like hell, but I'm old and don't have time for these struggles.

I married someone like that for 13 years who didn't even have the courage to at least let me know why she was leaving.

While I do not make a public spectacle of it, I do often laugh at the hypocrisy and blind allegiance of it all. However, I don't think it's going to work out anyways.

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If she doesn't share her family's views, she'll probably be happy to know you're not religious.That being said, the further along you go in the relationship, the more difficult it will become.You may be expected to hide your non-belief around her family.She never bugged me about it or pushed it on me, but I could tell it weighed on her at times. Even then she might think she can get you to change. I hate to say it ,but it's going to be better to find someone who thinks like you.In the end it was the main reason she broke up with me. If you want a casual relationship there is no need to disclose anything, but, if you are looking for something more permanent then disclose and try to help her get over her delusions. If you are looking for marriage and children ,know that it is mandatory that All Christians demand that the children be brought up Christian.

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