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Any parties I knew about were parties he knew about, too. We had paved a (short-lived) life for ourselves in college that revolved around us as a couple, not as individuals.

I was sad things didn't work out between us at the time, mostly because I was so scared of how I would go about navigating college without him.

A student is primarily a person enrolled in a school or other educational institution who attends classes in a course to attain the appropriate level of mastery of a subject under the guidance of an instructor and who devotes time outside class to do whatever activities the instructor assigns that are necessary either for class preparation or to submit evidence of progress towards that mastery.

In the broader sense, a student is anyone who applies themselves to the intensive intellectual engagement with some matter necessary to master it as part of some practical affair in which such mastery is basic or decisive.

I was so close to my friends from home that there was a part of me that genuinely thought making any new friends was sort of cheating on the ones I already had.

So, I decided I would focus my attention on boys instead.

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Then, slowly but surely, things started fizzling out between us, and I started realizing I had invested literally no energy into making friends of my own.Then you went home, had dinner, talked on the phone with some friends, and did your homework.In college, your schedule (besides classes) is filled with a lot more open space for you to fill in for yourself.Maybe you were made to just party without any concern for anyone or anything else, so you can rage your face off.Maybe you were meant to do all of the above, so go DO IT! The point is, freshman year is your chance to figure out what you want to do. But, don't commit to spending all of your time with someone who maybe likes to hang out in a world you don't necessarily want to be a part of you find out what you life.

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