Craig david dating beyonce

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It’s like if that’s what you feel it’s what you feel.

“The only person that it really matters is the relationship that I’m in and I know, I know.” But Craig applauds the way the conversation surrounding sexuality has changed in this day and age.

The garage legend admits he needed time away from the spotlight to rediscover himself and also write better music.

He suffered a dip in form towards the latter years of the Noughties, with his final two albums peaking at a disappointing No18 and No13.

And he hopes to pass down “words of wisdom” picked up during his roller-coaster career — which started with a bang in 2000 with No1 album Born To Do It.

“It’s something that at the time it had its moment but musically, underlying that, that’s why I say I always take things on the chin, it’s like I’ve got to look at what is the lesson to be learnt from this, because if I was having No1 records at the time or selling millions of records at that time, that easily could have slipped under the radar because you’re top boy, you’re doing your thing.

His upcoming album The Time Is Now — out January 26 — includes collaborations with the likes of BASTILLE and JP COOPER, plus latest single Heartline.

It follows huge comeback album Following My Intuition in 2016, which came after a spell in the wilderness in Miami.

“That’s one of the things that the internet and social media have really opened up and allowed. We’ve got to stop the nonsense now and open it up.” Apart from a short-lived romance with Colombian actress and model SOFIA VERGARA in 2003, Craig has been single for most of his career.

However, he is finally ready to settle down and start a family.

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