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Sadly, there are more men in the world that want to be cuckolded than women that want to cuckold their men.That means you’ll need to be patient in your search (it’s also why you should work hard to have your shit together as it will help you stand above the rest of the guys interested in this lifestyle).

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Join the community at Fet Life and post profiles on the other sites to have the best chance at forming a real cuckold relationship.

Thankfully, since cuckolding involves her fucking guys that make her cum hard it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince her that it’s going to be a deeply pleasurable experience.

The most important thing to learn about cuckolding is that if you make it all about her pleasure you’ll find it so much more pleasurable in the end.

Cuckolding is super hot for you, but if you make it all about you she’s going to lose interest in an instant.

That’s why it’s important to consider the fantasy from both of your perspectives.

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