Dating a girl with a baby daddy

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and about to take him shopping and then I asked what he had on that ticket and he hung up, sob aint called no more.

you may say I was wrong but say playa you aint taking care of ya kid it aint my fault. but you aint got no say so when ya a deadbeat no count daddy homie none at all......

Usually violence is the answer contrary to popular belief, but it'll get me nowhere in this situation, and I'm stumped. Is it safe leaving the child with such an abusive deadbeat.

Sorry, but it sounds more like you have a personal beef with him, rather than looking out for baby and your girlfriend.

When she drops her son off, if she forgets to leave her purse at home, he'll find a way to steal her wallet somehow because he likes to act like he's going to get his son out of the carseat, but actually sit in the front seat and harass her.

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He wont even sell drugs, steal car stereos, or anything. I don't know what to do because the problem is that we have never met face to face.

Now don't get me wrong, I have NO problem what-so-ever holdin my own if it comes to that, because I know that the instant he sees me he's gonna want to fight me. But even if I put him in the hospital, it wont phase him, so I know physical violence will get me nowhere.

He was recently literally hospitalized because he stole 3000 from the safe of the girl he was dating about 3 months ago and she told her brothers and cousins. There are probably people who want to kill him because he owes them money. He is staying at someones duplex, we dont know who's, but its definitely not his. so unless your girlfriend is asking for help, you really should just back off.

I am dealing with my situation with prayer and trying to stay out of it unless she needs me. But dont be like everyone else if you dont have to and end up as a stastistic in jail. But making the wrong decision will end up with you spending time in jail or dead while she this beef between her and him continue.

I am recently going through the process of purchasing a gun leagally the right way just to protect her and me.

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