Dating contracts in the work place

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Creating a hostile work environment of a pervasive nature that is abusive to employees based on their gender also constitutes sexual harassment.

For example, allowing employees to intimidate and harass other employees through lewd remarks, inappropriate touching or offensive jokes.

The Section of Labor Law and the Public Awareness Committee of the Maryland State Bar Association have prepared this information.

If a majority of employees select the labor organization to represent them, the NLRB will certify the organization and require the employer to bargain with this group regarding wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.Employees who wish to have a labor organization represent them may file a petition seeking to have the NLRB conduct an election among employees.Both federal and state laws exist that protect workers from unsafe working environments and entitle employees to minimum wages and overtime wages.Most of the federal, state, and local statutes are enforced primarily by specific agencies.Common law claims must be entered through the state courts, which enforce such claims.

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