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The fact that you felt like you were doing the right thing is a mitigating factor when it comes to judging intent, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are repercussions to decisions, and one of the repercussions here is that she doesn’t like what you did and doesn’t want to share her personal life with you (somewhat understandable, given the circumstances) or be work friends anymore.Going to your boss and requesting mediation will make this worse.Don't be naive, yes i have met people online before. When actor and comedian Patton Oswalt suddenly lost his wife, Michelle, in April 2016, he went public with his grief. She’s left a blast crater,” the heartbroken widower wrote in an open letter, where he also talked about the impact his wife’s death has had on their 7-year-old daughter, Alice.If you hadn’t heard about it, your coworker would have handled it in her own way.And whether that way was the best way for her to handle it or not, it’s still her call.

There’s a purpose to grief, so take care to avoid unhealthy attempts at numbing the pain, or trying to reject those feelings of sadness.

Since my childhood, I have suffered from a sharp feeling of justice.

I want it from a man - Sex where the cat doesn’t jump on the bed and interrupt.

“Grief is never ‘fully done,’” says Geremy Keeton, who serves as the director of our counseling services department here at Focus on the Family.

“But yet, some people do take a proactive approach to healthy mourning.

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