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When writing a serious pickup always think, “what does this line say about me? Accuse her of being dirty if she gives the obvious answers, if she refuses to answer because she thinks they’re dirty give her the answers) It can be very difficult to think of these simply because being indirect and dirty don’t normally go hand in hand.

” a girl will have heard that she has beautiful eyes a lot and if you don’t give a unique line, you’re unlikely to seem unique yourself. If you tease and use sarcasm however it can set sexual tension straight away.

Humor is the best way to a girl’s heart but making her laugh is the hard part. Girls love bad boys and this pick up line has just danger in it to work.

Picking cute and funny pick up lines will make sure that she falls for you over and over again. Only to be used around the holidays, this cheesy pick up line may just work.

While this is a type of pickup line it’s not the only one; it does, however, fit into the category I’m going to call “direct cheesy pickup lines”.

We’ve already established what they are so let’s look at some of the best examples and when to use these types of lines.

Not only is this a great pick up line, but it’s also a great ice breaker. This one requires close proximity and it always works. The time where guys will approach a girl - and vice versa - and try to snag a date for Valentine's Day. Now, while some people will decide to be direct and just ask if they would like to go on a date or be their Valentine. The girl has just matched with you, that means she already finds you attractive and so you can skip the “working out if she likes me” step.A pickup line is essentially a mini advert of yourself so using one of the examples above tells a girl, “I have a sense of humour, I’m direct and I don’t take myself too seriously,” just make sure to gauge who you send these to as you can come off as to forward or corny to some girls.

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