Dating hermle clocks

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70991-740761 - Black Regulator Stunning modern31 Day running regulator clock with an elegant piano-finish case.

An interesting feature of the case is the shadow gap, that is colored differently from the rest...

Being cost-conscious, Hermle's brass plates are thinner than those found in many older clocks and this leads to pivot holes wearing more quickly, so it's especially important to give these clocks an oil service every three years (£40).

If you don't, worn pivot holes can be re-bushed but in some movements the pivot holes are so close to the edge of the plates that re-bushing is not safe.

Rich embossed metal dial with black Arabic numerals. 22915 - Hollins The Hollins Elegant Cherry Hermle Mantel Clock is a barrister styled clock including fluted molding, starburst carvings and brass handled drawer. 22877-070340 - Clearbrook Barrister Mantel Clearbrook Elegant barrister clock with inlaid marquetry. 22511-030340 - Bethnal Mantel Clock Made in Germany.

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So in 1988 Hermle adopted a letter code starting with A (see the table below right), so the letter 'O' denotes 2002, and so on, restarting in 2014 with AA.Most have the name Hermle on them but on earlier examples you'll see the initials FHS (for Franz Hermle and Son) and others may bear the retailer's engraved names (URGOS, Howard Miller etc) instead.The three most common spring-driven movements with Westminster quarter-chiming are the 340 series, which has a floating balance suitable for medium-size mantel clocks (see Image 1), and the 341 series (Image 2), which has a pendulum hanger (Image 3) suitable for wall clocks.It's not infallible however; in 2012, I bought a new movement with the date letter denoting 2001 so I suspect Hermle were clearing old stock.Nothing wrong with that if they're unused; pre-2010 movements might even be better than current Chinese versions.

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