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Through our workshop you will learn to reflect on your interpersonal style, tune into your intuition, tolerate relationship ambivalence, and increase your capacity for intimate communication.... Sex has been a taboo topic for over a century since the Victorian era. In this class, we’ll look at these changes and consider how gender and class in particular have shaped conflicts over sex and dating in the US with an emphasis on popular visual culture.

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This program will give you the time you need to actually learn, experiment with, and ask questions about what we’ll be teaching you. Believe us when we say, men are every bit as complex as they believe we are.As modern women, we do our best to take care of ourselves.We’re mindful of what to eat, how to exercise, what skin care regimen to use.The NYCHA Employee Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator can provide assistance to qualified job applicants and employees with disabilities who seek a reasonable accommodation by calling (212) 306-3996. Learn how to combat common obstacles to the perfect BJ like manly odors, hairy undercarriages, to swallow or...

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