Dating kissing tests consolidating powerpoint presentations

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If the timing feels right for a kiss but a hug doesn't work for you for whatever reason, try any of these other tactics for getting that first kiss.Your first kiss can last as long as you want it to last.As a teenager, your first kiss can be exciting - or disappointing.

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You'll know when your crush is ready to kiss you, because they'll find subtle ways to tell you in their body language, such as touching your arm, leaning toward you when you speak, and making eye contact.

Chances are, if they're being extra touchy-feely with you and making constant body contact, then they want to kiss you.

The biggest sign is when you're saying goodbye at the end of a date or meet-up.

Sooner than later, you'll have that moment of clarity where you're simply ready to show them how you feel in the form of a kiss.

Then all you have to do is wait until the right opportunity presents itself.

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