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It’d be slightly better if they hired me to write a column for them about queer issues though, just saying.So this one time (last week) I was at fitforafemme‘s house and I saw this magazine on a coffee table and I thought “what is this lovely lovely thing?! It feels so nice on the outside, like a real book, and the inside is pretty bangin’, too – full of “ambitious journalism and photography of the highest quality.” Recent issues have included pieces on or by Adele, Yoko Ono, The Magnetic Fields, Jenny Holzer and Tilda Swinton.It’s classy without being stuffy and approaches fashion with an “intelligent perspective” that is “focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress.” [website] independently owned by Shameless Media editor: Sheila Sampath single issue: .99 subscribe: CA, US // three issues This Canadian magazine advertises itself as “an independent Canadian voice for smart, strong, sassy young women and trans youth.” If you like this website, I think you’d like this magazine — it takes the reader seriously, approaches media and mass culture with a fun yet critical eye, and (intentionally or not) aims to cultivate the reader’s desire to engage in political, social justice and anti-oppression activism.

Definitely not for everybody, but its cost is somewhat justified by the fact that it’s basically an art/fashion book — one does not recycle is surprisingly non-terrible, despite the excessively airbrushed cover models, occasionally transparent product-pushing and traditional obsession with “slimming down,” getting “flat abs” and having better sex tonight.cover star is a queer lady and more often than not, the cover is plastered with photos of people like you and me: like the adorable lesbians of the annual Captivating Couples feature and the yearly “Red Hot Entrepreneurs” making an impact in the lesbian community.It’s at once glossy and local, with heaps of travel stuff and a serious repository of event photographs.Considering that I’m gay, have no interest in celebrity interviews (unless they’re gay) and “fashion” is a thing other people give me advice on but never something I feel confident approaching on my own, you’d think I have little need for lady mags. Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time in college, I was studying for my Hebrew final with a “pre-veterinarian” friend (studying for his Orgo final) in Barnes & Noble when I mourned my inability to get anything done at Barnes & Noble due to the café’s proximity to the magazine racks. Lesser // exec editor: Kat Long single issue: free [where to find go] GO Magazine has been the #1 source for lesbian nightlife and entertainment in the New York City area for about a decade, and is now distributed nation-wide.I’d constantly get up and “borrow” new magazines and read them instead of studying. Fanatics may notice that with the exception of Barack Obama and trans icon Topher Gross, almost every GO!

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