Dating meaning of number of olives

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In sanctification life, the Lord Jesus sets up "doors and locks" that sin can't get any grip on our heart.The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit kills deeds of our flesh.Through the Lord Jesus a man will be saved from the power of death-, sin and eternal damnation to eternal life.Building of the wall and gates begins from the Sheep Gate in Nehemiah 3, because everything begins from the offering of the Lamb (the Lord Jesus).The spiritual meaning of the Fish Gate is there that after the Sheep Gate redemption in the blood of the Lord Jesus begins fishing of men; in other words, preaching of the Gospel about the Lord Jesus.Jesus Christ said that He will make from His disciples fishers of men.The New Covenant believer grows obeying the truth in love as says letter of Ephesus in chapter 4 and verse 15.

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The Lord and the Messiah (Christ) Jesus (Yeshua) is the High Priest of New Covenant, who is the Lamb, who was offered for the sake of our sins.The Holy Spirit gives to believer the power to die to the flesh and resist sin and choose the righteousness of God instead of sins.The Old Gate is an important gate, because without death of the flesh believer cannot wander in the will of God.All things in the Bible are accurate in their places and have important meanings.It is not an accident that the high priest whose name was Eliashib was building up the Sheep Gate.

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