Dating personal hiv

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You must tell about your HIV status before you have sex or even kiss with a new partner for the first time.

The “don't say, just don't ask” policy is not appropriate for your situation.

One must be absolutely sincere in all thoughts, experiences.

Psychologists recommend sharing even the most insignificant and minor thoughts, desires - this will allow you not to lose trust and understanding in larger issues.

In addition, it allows, by joining efforts, to plunge into a situation, to sincerely support each other, to understand what and when a HIV-positive partner is needed.For some people, it can be difficult when, after safe sex, you reveal your HIV status to a partner.A partner may experience a baseless, but nonetheless real fear of the risk of infection.Think about this conversation on the first or second date.This will give your partner time to soberly weigh the pros and cons before your relationship continues to develop.

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