Dating powerpoint template

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This presentation template uses a bar graph, a pie chart and a line graph to show different metrics: If you can, mix up the types of data visualizations you use.

This will help prevent your audience from getting bored.

It’s common for audience members to request a copy of your presentation for their reference.

Make sharing your presentation easy by exporting it as a PDF or zipped file.

Returning the the idea of focal points on your slide: emphasize a key number or phrase using big, bold text in a contrasting color.

This will communicate to your audience that if they take away one thing from your slide, it should be that piece of information.

Similar to how you would put the chapter title at the top of the pages in a book, you can track the progress of your presentations in your slides.

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Simply Publish your presentation to be taken to the presentation page, or click the Preview button to view your presentation privately.

(Venngage offers over 40,000 icons, so finding an image shouldn’t be too hard!

) For more ideas, read our guide to creating icon illustrations.

Those are just a few different ways you can use charts to visualize.

For more ideas, check out our guide to picking the best charts for your data. They’re fun, quirky, and more exciting than a boring old stock photo.

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