Dating winds of wander

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You will start in the fascinating capital of Russia - Moscow located on the Moskva River. - Mark Twain We call it the Charming Wander Trip because this Russian Vacation is going to Charm you with its Beauty , Intrugue ,lavish Architecture , Grandeur and Culture . Petersburg in the West to the largest city in the Far East Vladivostok , all the way from Europe to the Pacific islands across Siberia spanning seven time zones .Stray refers to deviation from a proper course or area: "The camels strayed to graze on the branches of distant acacias" (Jeffrey Tayler).Gallivant refers to wandering in search of pleasure: gallivanted all over the city during our visit.Built around the Neva River with a system of canals transversing throughout the city centre and connected to various islands, walking along the beautiful river is simply amazing .The city simply awes one with its vast historical centre housing the Hermitage which is one of the largest art museums in the world , the Saint Issacs Cathedral which is the third largest Cathedral in the world with its 100 kgs pure gold dome and the Peter & Paul Fortress which houses the tombs of a whole dynasty .The Kremlin and Red Square are one of the many world heritage sights in the city .

A vacation to Russia is a must to for evevery traveler at heart !Cruise on the Neva River or drive to Peterhof to spend walking the lush green gardens around the magnificent Grand Palace of Peter the Great on the banks of the Gulf of Finland .Drive to Pushkin to see Catherines Palace or to the northern city of Vyborg to walk the cobbled streets of this quiet small town on the Finnish border.The City is probably one of the best in the world for a night out with its variety of options from rocking Night Clubs to high end Cuisine restaurants.So whether you are in the mood for a night of dancing , drinking and pressing the full throttle or for an exquisite evening at a fine dining restaurant with Russian and European delicacies , a Moscow night is something you would probably remember for a very long time .

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