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Mixers will be available in the beginning of 2016, in the upcoming version 5.0 of the Clover app.

I was going to say that’s not soon enough, but 2016 is right around the corner, like it or not!

Here’s everything you need to know about Clover’s Mixers: Mixer events can be anything from rooftop parties to snowboarding — depending on the climate you live in, of course.

But, there’s bound to be an idea that interests you, so start swiping and joining activities today. Yes, you can choose the topic of a Mixer if you don't see any that look enticing.

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-Our State Department would never involve themselves in human trafficking, tricking foreign laborers into working in Baghdad against their will. In the words of my buddy Toby, “We’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way.” -The Daily News is doing their sexiest singles this week (thanks for nominating me, jerks). -Remember when the mainstream media showered itself in glory by providing minute by minute flight coverage of the guy who falsely claimed to kill Joan Benet Ramsey?

Anyways, they’re doing videos and they look like those hilarious Comcast Dating On Demand features, with the guys videos being a lot funnier than the girls ones. Well good old Jon Mark Karr recently got interviewed.

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The Clover Mixer concept reminds me a lot of How About We, the dating app where you pair up with people based on mutual date interests; you suggest a date, then users respond and, if you’re interested in them, that’s what you do for the date.

In the past, I went to some Match Stir events (read: mixers) in LA, like Game Night Happy Hours, though they chose the event, and they were not held on-demand like Clover’s idea. This is a very cool feature that adds a new layer of fun of the events.

Ok C, too, announces and emails events to its users, like this New Year Cheer at Happy Hour one on Jan. And, excitement is contagious — so if we see that others are into an event, it'll probably make us more likely to get into it, too.

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