David hasselhoff dating hayley roberts dating jeffry cadorette

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They were just about to leave the bar and head home, before the actor came up to them and asked if it was okay that he join the two.

Hayley said, “We sat chatting for about an hour and I was blown away by what a nice guy he was.

After saying goodbye, David sent Hayley a text message, saying that he thought she was beautiful, and wished to meet with her again. “He was such a gentleman.” So Hayley went from thinking he’d probably never call after giving him her number, to already planning on meeting with David for a second time, to say goodbye before he had to leave Wales.

The four of them met again the following night to say goodbye to David before he went on to London, as he had suggested to Hayley.

She would complain to her co-workers about how she thought there had to be more to life than that.

Apparently, she was right, because soon she would be leading a whole other life, traveling the globe with her famous fiancé, and being followed around by paparazzi.

“He walked up to me, grabbed me by the hand and took me outside where he told me that he couldn’t leave without telling me that he was falling for me,” she recalled.

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Before she met The Hoff, Hayley was working as a sales assistant at Debenhams, a popular UK department store, and trying to get by with only a minimum wage of £6 an hour.

The Baywatch actor was a judge on talent show Britain’s Got Talent, and was in Cardiff shooting auditions for the show.

That’s when the ladies decided to approach the actor, and ask him for a picture. Hayley recalled that night, “Everyone was asking him for pictures, so we did too.” Taken with the beautiful girl, David asked Hayley if she had a boyfriend.

Hayley was 31 years old and living in Wales, before the greatest change in her life happened.

She was still residing in her parents’ home in the Welsh village of Glynneath, sharing a bedroom with her sister.

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