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"Okay, good, I'll be back." She got up and left through the kitchen. A half an hour later I gave up on a quick return from Deanna and decided to mingle a bit. I figured that if I could befriend him it would put me in the position for some nice close up looks at Jen.

I leaned over as far as I could to catch one last glimpse of those legs. I made my way through the people who were dancing and back to the food spread. Easily enough I started with the old latex mask spiel.

Much to my dismay, however, I found all the girls paired up, including an incredible Britney Spears clone. If I thought Angel was the type to put her nose up at me, this girl gave me the once over and I knew that would be the last attention of hers I got all night, unless, of course, I ignored her.

Jen, as she was introduced to me, had the pigtails, schoolgirl dress, patent leather shoes, the whole nine yards. I didn't care if I got to talk with her as long as I got to check out those firm little legs and maybe, since her dress was quite short a shot of her little ass if she bent just right.

Jim's house was quite large and people milled from one room to the next, though the main gist of partiers was here in the den. She seemed quite cozy next to her Freddy Kruegar boyfriend.All the bitchiness in the world melts away once they have a hard cock being rammed inside them. It's Helen's special brew" He filled me up and wandered off. I thought the place was hot when I saw the rest, but I had yet to see the best. She smiled and told me I could start by getting her one of whatever I had. We talked for awhile more as she rather quickly consumed her third glass of Helen's special brew.Better yet, get her to stop yapping about herself by giving her mouth a job to do on your cock. But never fear, Zorro's long black cape can cover even the largest of hardons. Jim laughed and said, "You mean 'oh baby, BABY'" I grinned at him and asked what the hell I was drinking. Fishnets ran from her toes up her never ending legs finally disappearing under the tiniest of black skirts. "And make sure I stop at one" She ordered, then added, "Make that " She grinned and I got her a drink. I could quickly tell that the smile she wore was a façade. She whispered, "Let's just not talk about that." I gave her a consoling look and nodded in agreement. I would be sure to feed her a few more of them before the evening was out.I had to laugh to myself as Dustin or whatever his name was already had the Freddy mask yanked up on top of his head.Those latex masks are cool for the few minutes you can wear them.

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