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The name Derek Hough has for years now become synonymous with one of the best dancers in this generation.He is an American dancer that specializes in Latin and Ballroom dance.He has been in a number of relationships but has not walked down the aisle with any of his lovers yet.Keep reading as we bring you details about the family of this exceptional talent. Bruce Robert Hough (father) Date of Birth: April 6, 1954 Zodiac Sign: Aries Bruce met Mari while they were still in college; they were part of a ballroom dance team and what began as a friendship eventually grew into a marriage.

Through every successful year, the Hough siblings have proven how strong their sibling bond is even under the intense spotlight from Hollywood.Hayley Erbert (girlfriend) Duration of Relationship: June 2015 till present Date of Birth: October 11, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Libra Like her boyfriend, Hayley is also a dancer who competed on the 10th season of live tour.She is besties with Derek’s celebrity sister Julianne and is also obsessed with cats.He was always the athletic young boy who loved to move his body and fortunately for him, he had amazing parents who noticed his gift and helped him work on it.They sent him off to a dance school as a pre-teen and that was the beginning of his journey to significance.

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