Diablo updating tools 0

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This approach may be viable for less-critical workloads, perhaps labs or test/dev environments.

In many cases, this will result in one additional reboot after VM Tools installation completes.Recall from the previous post that there are three types of VM Tools – the familiar Tools ISOs for all supported operating systems, plus two additional offerings in the form of binary packages for Linux.There are several ways to initiate VM Tools updates from v Sphere or from within a guest.The following applies only to Windows and Linux guests using VM Tools ISOs except where noted.The VM Tools Linux packages – OVT and OSP – are not managed via v Sphere, so they can only be installed and updated from within each guest OS using native package management tools. Automatic update on VM boot The simplest way to keep VM Tools up to date is to check a box and forget about managing this element of infrastructure.

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