Did ranbir kapoor dating katrina kaif why is validating data important

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In an interview with a magazine recently, Katrina opened up about her split with Ranbir. Let's sit here and believe this, even for just two minutes. No.' But if you really believe in your god, your universe, you'll feel much better," Katrina said. You don't wake up one day and discover that it's all gone. Earlier the actress shared about how she felt post-breakup, ""I do go through my own share of pain and angst. Whoever it is, I don't see the point of holding on to anything unpleasant from the past.The 'Bharat' actress added that she struggled her way out of her breakup with Ranbir. I would rather let bygones be bygones."Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor starting each other in 2009.Ranbir Kapoor broke a million hearts last week when he finally announced that he is dating Katrina Kaif and the couple plans to get hitched sometime next year.Reports suggest that Ranbir and Katrina might get engaged within a month.The Student of the Year actor will also be seen in the historical magnum opus Takht.Asked about challenges of playing a historical character, Alia said: “Honestly, to take any kind of character is challenging whether it’s historical or contemporary or modern.

Plus, it will give the family time to plan the function." In an interview to Ananda Bazaar Patrika, Ranbir Kapoor said in May 2015 that he plans to get hitched by next year end.But the concept apparently does not hold true for Katrina Kaif.The fact that Katrina’s good friend Alia Bhatt is now in a serious relationship with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor didn’t hamper the equation that the two ladies share. On the show, she was asked if Alia’s romantic relationship with Ranbir had affected her bond with the former.Soon, rumours mills started buzzing that Ranbir and Katrina were dating.As they were open about their relation, the break up of Deepika and Ranbir was public knowledge too.

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