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[Back to Table of Contents] In Table-driven routing protocols each node maintains one or more tables containing routing information to every other node in the network.All nodes update these tables so as to maintain a consistent and up-to-date view of the network.

The Message Retransmission list (MRL) contains information to let a node know which of its neighbor has not acknowledged its update message and to retransmit update message to that neighbor.

When it goes out of range of one base station, it connects with new base station and starts communicating through it. All nodes of these networks behave as routers and take part in discovery and maintenance of routes to other nodes in the network.

Ad hoc networks are very useful in emergency search-and-rescue operations, meetings or conventions in which persons wish to quickly share information, and data acquisition operations in inhospitable terrain [Royer99].

Wireless networks can be classified in two types:- infrastructured network and infrastructureless (ad hoc) networks.

Infrastructured network consists of a network with fixed and wired gateways.

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