Doctor dating russia

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Most embassies will have lists of recommended doctors and medical services for each country.

Details of UK embassies in Russia can be found here. You can also search for healthcare organisations and browse through the healthcare directory on the Russian Department of Health website here.

You will need to check with your embassy for details of healthcare agreements.

The reciprocal healthcare agreement between the UK and Russia ended in January 2016 so UK citizens visiting Russia now have to make medical insurance arrangements prior to visiting the country.

This guide provides the essential information for foreigners seeking a Russian doctor, Russian pediatrician or specialist.

If you are visiting or moving to Russia, you can find out how to access doctors’ services, what is required of you as a patient and what to expect in terms of healthcare.

If you are a non-resident or visitor to Russia not eligible for state-funded health cover, you will need to take out private health insurance unless your country has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Russia.

See our guide to finding English-speaking doctors abroad for help on this issue.

You can make an appointment with your doctor in Russia either by phone or visiting the clinic or health centre where they are based.

Russian doctors, and Russian specialists, work in medical centres, clinics and hospitals.

Most operate by appointment, although you can turn up and sometimes make an appointment for the same day if they are not too busy.

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