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COM saying that you want to subscribe to BOOKBABES.

Include your name, email address, publishing affiliation, and appropriate, qualifying information about the publishing house and subscriber.

There are no requirements in terms of length of time one has been following the path. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE DHARMA-DYKES to [email protected] DYKENET is "a for 'genetic grrls' and post-op TS wimmin who identify as dykes." DYKENET's purpose is to provide a safe space "where we can...discuss topics relative to our lives as dykes" in a cooperative, supportive atmosphere. To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE DYKENET to [email protected] ELLEN is a list devoted to Ellen De Generes and her career, but discussion extends to feminist issues in popular culture, especially lesbian identity issues in entertainment.

To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ELLEN Your Name to [email protected] ES-MAMAS (Eurosapphic Mamas) is a list for lesbian mothers and wanna-be-mothers, especially in Europe.

The list is hosted by the Association of Internet Researchers.

For more information or to subscribe, see the Fem PTheory Queer web page.

BUTCH2BUTCH is a list for butches attracted to other butches.

DHARMA-DYKES is a list for lesbians who study and practice Buddhism in any tradition. If you have a signature file that appears automatically after your message text, add the word END on a line by itself after the SUBSCRIBE line.

BUTCH-FEMME is a list for butches and femmes and butch-femme relationship discussions.

More information is available at the BUTCH-FEMME web page.

"We will tell each other about how it is to live as a lesbian mother in different parts of the world and share our experiences." To subscribe, send the message SUBSCRIBE ES-MAMAS to [email protected] EURO-SAPPHO is a list for sapphic discussion on topics of particular interest to European dykes.

Membership is open to all women and is restricted to women; postings may be in any of the major European languages.

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