Etrust signature not updating Freesexchat on ipad

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XP, version= .468 - libad: Crypto support enabled19/06/2004 .468 - Downloading module list:19/06/2004 .468 - libad: download url: »://com/pub/mye Trus ··· ules.txt19/06/2004 .328 - Error Code: 0 - 550 That is not a directory.19/06/2004 .328 - Agent Exception:19/06/2004 .328 - Fatal error 3 during download.Please see log file C:\PROGRA~1\CA\ETRUST~1\ETRUST~1\for more information.Obviously, I'd first suspect CA's server is playing a part in all of this.But could it also be a routing/DNS thing from certain servers/areas?If all else fails, instructions for manually downloading and installing signature files are available here:» ··· 8E15E665Shem I have noticed the same thing....coming from an airband connection in Scottsdale, AZ.I have been able to determine that when I directly use Airband (no router or NAT firewall), it is working fine, but with a NAT firewall I am having the problem (fatal error 3 during download).

Why mine was happy and said it was up to date and yours failed... I recently checked with my nephew and my brother and their machines have been updating ok too.

Neither one had the new update which came out during the night.

Had to "manually" get updates which was no problem for me but if I'm not around my spouse and young-un will NEVER remember to do it manually. This intermittent problem may not be restricted to version 6.2 updates.

there have been ongoing autodownload problems for various e Trust products ...

I run 6.1.70 and it's happened numerous times over the last few months ...

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