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Despite life difficulties and hurry life rhythm, I still stay a person full of energy and shining optimism. I dream we could get the same life direction, to share our plans and intentions, and more over, our dreams and wishes.I’m open hearted, kind, sympathetic, honest and gentle lady. Good luck with your investment with EDC (oops, did I just expose the "real" reason you tried to smear Alex????) i agree with real person, the picture of the Non White man Posted in this Complaint is ME..i was happy with his service and the efforts he put out for me to find my other half, and yes i did not find the one, but will it this stop me from not utilizing FHDATING services, NOPE.i would still use their services as they don't do letter scams like the other websites.

estimated website worth is US,246 (based on the daily revenue potential of the website over a 12 month period).TRUTH HAS SAID THAT THERE ARE 59.9 MILLION WOMEN IN AMERICA? THEN YOU DON' T KNOW AMERICA AND THAT IS A LOT OF WOMEN OUT THERE FRIEND. SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE IS DOING IT THESE DAYS THE REASON WHY YOU COULD NOT FIND ONE WAS THAT YOU DID NOT MAKE YOURSELF PRESENTABLE ENOUGH @ real_person-TRUTH HAS BEEN HERE FOR QUITE SOME TIME-PLEASE TRY AND GUESS HIS IDENTITY IF YOU CAN AND PLEASE ALSO DON' T THINK HE IS THE SAME PERSON ONE THING I CAN TELL YOU-IF YOU MAKE YOURSELF PRESENTABLE AND DECENT AND EXERCISE YOU CAN GET A WOMAN IN AMERICA ... I think it's best to swallow your pride, be honest and apologize to Alex. (I just wish you wouldn't feel the desire to SHOUT every word. ;) ;) Please understand that I have better things to do than this sort of online drama. I, merely, wanted to set the record straight about blatant lies regarding Alex. It was in fact inconsiderate, impolite and unappreciative to NOT answer my questions-it seems you do indeed have issues.ONE MAN MARRIED A 16 YEAR OLD HERE WHO WAS 51-Her name is Courtney Stodden 16 years old who Married 51 year old Doug Hutchison (ALTHOUGH PERHAPS NOT PROPER) ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN HERE ARE YOU TELLING ME ALSO AS WELL THAT IT CANNOT HAPPEN IF YOU GO LOOKING? DON' T LET ANYONE FOOL ONE WITH THE NOTION AND LIES THAT ONE CANNOT FIND SOMEONE IN AMERICA-BECAUSE THERE ARE 59.9 MILLION TO SEARCH THROUGH AND FIND AND ITS MUCH CHEAPER TOO ... IF ANYONE NEEDS TO APOLOGIZE THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO WRITE IT HERE-ALL CONFESSIONS ARE WELCOME @Doug N -SILENCE ON THE QUESTION I HAVE ASKED HOWEVER HAVE PROVEN THAT HE IS PROBABLY ANTI CERTAIN THINGS AS WELL @...' Is Now Told: I don't care about your picture, nor the pigment of your (or her) skin... Thank you for your consideration, appreciation and politeness to my post. IF NOT THEN ONE ON ONE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS THAT I SENT TO YOU The Other poster like Bucanneer had the grace to answer it and so did northern pitifull-Why NOT you?possibly receives an estimated 150 unique visitors every day.The website server is using IP address and is hosted in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany.

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