Flex bindable not updating

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c#,wpf,datagrid I've played a bit here, nothing spectacular but is a working version: This is the codebehind: private void Event Setter_On Handler Selected(object sender, Routed Event Args e) private void...

SELECT `2010`,`2011` Since you didn't post your error message. c#,wpf,xaml,datagrid,custom-controls I had to remove the section from the style for the Data Grid to properly layout and created the column in code. Since you are setting the datasource, you should put your code that affects the grid after you can make sure that it is finished loading.

I am pasting the complete code for your convenience just paste and run: c#,asp.net,datagrid As @David suggested if you want relevant helpful answers post us compilable accurate code. On Item Data Bound worked for me, allowing me to make the changes while the data was in the process of binding.

This is just a guess based off how I format my Data Row output when I need it to be altered. Each case had to be checked so the label would correctly display the information...

The class you've posted is called Loader, yet you try to import another Loader class.

AS3 doesn't know what you refer to when you reference Loader now. Data Bind() calls Data Bind on it's children, so it updates Document Title in the text box but it also Data Binds your grid.

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