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Then plan some of your own activities to do without the girl.Also, if you like to dive this is a perfect place for that.Use the pipelined girls to your fullest advantage by having one of them meet you at the airport. All in all, you shouldn’t stay here for more than a few days while you capitalize on what you’ve pipelined. There is a surf spot that is accessible from Butuan known as Tandag (Surigao del Sur).What makes this a good spot is the foreigner value. It can work against you as well if trying to use day game. This place is an absolute shithole, but it offers the same foreigner value as General Santos. You can take the Bachelor Express or Superstar bus lines to get there.It is also not a place you want to journey into without having some street smarts and balls. Keep it mind it is the southernmost city, and the heat is too much for some people.The best way to set up shop in General Santos is to pipeline a few filipinas that are higher-tier. If you’re like me and can stand high heat, don’t worry about it.I went there toward the end of my trip and quickly picked up a couple of lays from pipelining only 2-3 days before my arrival.The first girl came straight to my place and in the heat of the moment, I anally creampied her. The fact that locals are used to seeing foreigners bodes in your favor. This can also work against you if you don’t know how to screen out the sluts.

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Allow me to outline the seven best cities to meet hot Pinay Girls.

I feel blessed to have made it through without getting married. If I were to go back now, my productivity would be off the charts.

2-4 lays a day isn’t a farfetched number if ya get my drift.

Manila is the capital city of Philippines and one of the biggest cities of Asia.

If you would like to meet with people from Philippines, you can meet with many Filipino girls and guys who wants to talk to strangers from different countries.

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