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Speak Meister is also a good option - it's not a chat room per se, but you can chat one-on-one. I was also impressed with the technology - it's one of the newer chat rooms and has a modern feel. When I was in the chat room, the conversation wasn't as serious and mature as 7 Cups, but that may vary depending on when you visit!

is on it's way to get fully sponsored by the community.

What makes these chat sites different from other chat rooms is that they're meant specifically for on-demand, one-on-one or group chatting between people you know.

When both of you set up an account, you can chat privately with just each other, often from your computer, phone, or ​tablet.

Administrators - There is only 1 main Administrator who can make global setting changes such as adding Operators, Departments, Customization, and run Reports. Operators - can only chat, receive click-to-call requests, but cannot make global setting changes.

We'll show you the ones to visit and the ones to avoid!

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