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Her arms and legs fought a useless battle against the shackles that held her open to his pounding, now faster and deeper.

She thrashed about wildly, becoming one with the chains that bind her.

She glanced into the mirror above them and studied the immense contrast between her petite body against his naked Adonis form.

Soon her clothing lay in a crumpled pile beside the bed.

Her gasp of surprise soon turned into sounds of desire as he plunged it deeper and deeper while several fingers of his other hand stimulated her tunnel of love.

Her body squirmed in pleasure, but her movements were futile against the chains that bound her.

Her breathing and gasping were getting heavier, in rhythm with his powerful thrusts.

His hands roamed her body, squeezing her breasts mercilessly and pulling and twisting the phallus stuffed into her.

He removed himself from her, took her nylons from the floor, and gagged her.

With another series of straps her breasts were held up and tied.

He then took three small chains, all connected at one end. Two clamps grip her nipples, while the third grips her clitoris.

Instead, he only slightly parted her now moist lips.

Slowly but firmly he inserted the warm, pulsating rod into her other orifice.

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