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But you can find your way back to someone you love(d) and you can also find peace in an ending: there is hope.""Relationships of all kinds can be hard.

We often think we'll be different and can't imagine struggling.

My practice is a safe space for anyone seeking help, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion.""I offer individual counselling to anyone who is seeking help with their personal challenges and struggles.

My practice is a safe space for anyone seeking help, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion.""Many people feel 'stuck' with behaviours, feelings, habits or situations that they find hard to change.

As a wife and mum, Stefanie also has a special interest in supporting teenagers and young adults to navigate life positively, making good choices for their future. That mind/body connection thing people talk about, is real. Too often I have seen relationships end while someone is drowning.

It's incredibly painful and can create ongoing bitterness that is hard to escape from.

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"Living life can be fulfilling, exciting and enriching.I specialise in grief counselling and mental health support.I am dedicated to help those who suffer silently from chronic illness/invisible disability.I am committed to being with you and holding a space where you can be real, seen and known, and develop your own sense of caring and connection with all parts of yourself and those around you.""For over 20 years I have worked with many different people in a range of settings with a warm, authentic approach based on acceptance and compassion.In my clinic I now work with older adolescents and adults who experience a range of issues, including life transitions, anxiety, depression, family issues and gender identity.

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