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The synthesizer is used for the first time on a Cat Power album. The instrumentation on the album was primarily played by Cat Power herself.On April 10th, 2013, Cat Power guested in the TV show was the first Cat Power album to make it to the top 10 in the USA.”When the stereo lands at some mid-'60s Aretha Franklin soul, Marshall recalls the first time she heard that voice. I was 11 or 12, and I was home from school,” remembers Marshall, now 40. “The first thing was recording the song — the skeleton,” she explains. ” PHOTOS: Hollywood back lot moments Some of the ideas dated back to a 1999 tour of original material she performed live at screenings of the 1928 silent film “The Passion of Joan of Arc.” But after an early round of recordings at the Boat studio in Silver Lake, Marshall was unexpectedly stalled.“Four years ago I played it for somebody, and he said ‘It is so depressing.“The next thing was putting tendons on it and muscle, skin, filling it with blood. This sounds like old Cat Power.’ It really broke my heart and I packed everything up and I didn’t work for eight months.”When she eventually returned to the studio, Marshall decided to “put my guitars over there and I didn’t look at the piano.“I had no fucking idea what to do, but I knew I was not going to even look at a piano or touch a guitar. Eventually I had these skeletons of songs, but then I felt like a failure because I thought, ‘This is not fucking good, I don’t know what I’m doing.’ And I didn’t know what I was doing.I had lyrics and a beat and notes, but I didn’t have anything else.The song was written for Giovanni Ribisi daughter, Lucia, who (apparently) was bullied.

The result is a shift in sound and tone, nothing like her earliest confessional work or the celebrated Memphis soul-flavored “The Greatest” in 2006.

A tour was planned, which would bring her to Paradiso, Amsterdam on November 26th, 2012. On October 20th a picture appeared through the Unfortunately something (once again) was up. THOUGH I MAY NEED TO RESTRATAGIZE FOR MY SECURITY & HEALTH.” The tour was canceled. She was very uneasy and uncomfortable, very nervous and seemed genuinely relieved when the concert was over.

Cat Power suffered angioedema (causing abrupt swelling of tissue) in her throat, which can be life-threatening. Three years later Cat Power returned to the Netherlands, this time to Utrecht.

“Ask me any question,” she says, then stands suddenly. “I’ve done that before and it just gets silly.”PHOTOS: Celebrities by the Times Dressed simply in a black T-shirt and jeans, her dark hair is cropped short like Joan of Arc, just as it is on her new album cover.

She coos over her little French bulldog and checks her i Phone constantly for messages, while the stereo blasts an endless playlist of favorite tunes, including Kanye West’s “New God Flow,” others by Mary J.

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