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The bond between the cast members of tv N’s hit drama “Reply 1994” is as strong as ever with them recently gathering to hang out and have fun! ” She also wrote, “Last night was such a happy one.

Go Ara posted a series of photos on her personal Instagram account on June 26 with the caption, “Such a great team, and our first gathering in a while. ‘Reply 1994’ is love.” Go Ara was joined by the “Reply 1994” producing director Shin Won Ho, along with cast members Jung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, B1A4’s Baro, Son Ho Jun, and Dohee.

such a talented beautiful welldone actress she is....amazing acting...is a reall talented actress with powerful skills,,,in papa movie in answer me1994 youre all sorrounded,,,she is great love her :)) :* I really liked that scene when she was dancing in front of the WC in you are all surrounded :'D such an adorable actress ^_^ haha* I liked her self-confident x D She made Eun Dae Gu laugh for the first time in that drama ^_^ In my opinion I absolutely adore Lee Sung Gi and think he is a great actor. It doesn't matter the culture, but even I an African-America female could see myself in Na Jung, and that's what's so great about this drama, this character and ther writers who put Na Jung together like this.

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I wasn’t able to express how I felt, but then we naturally dated a year later. When I think that someone likes me, then I began to actively pursue them.” Agreeing with Hyomin, Fei said, “If I feel like the other person doesn’t have feelings for me, I also stop liking them. But if the other person likes me, then I also speak honestly.” The two singers burst into laughter after seeing their different styles of packing.I hope to see you in another great drama,keep improving your acting skills,you've become so much better. I love your chemistry with ssh in black and even more with myungsoo aka L. You've gained another fan, you are funny, sweet and positive in hwarang and you're all surrounded. This is the first drama I've seen you in, and omgoodness you are totally fantastic.Fei and T-ara’s Hyomin bonded on JTBC2’s “Sisters” (literal title).

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