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5 words men might want to consider putting in their online dating profile: 1. Physically fit ( 96% more interaction than daters who did not use this word) 2. Since many women in the community are looking for a romantic relationship, I decided to write a series of senior dating tips, based on my conversations with our members.This first article will cover the first thing that most people see when they find you on any relationship-focused website – your profile.First, your partner is going to meet you eventually.

This could be as simple as writing down a list of the characteristics that you are looking for in a partner.

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Once you have a good picture in your mind of the kind of person that you are looking for, get ready to tell your story.

The best way to write a dating profile that nobody pays attention to is to list what you like to do, or, even worse, what you are NOT looking for in a partner. They paint a picture of a unique person, with passions, experience and an abundant personality.

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